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About Blake...
My childhood was filled with drawing and trying to create designs that were interesting to others as well as myself. Changing my composition medium from pencils and draft paper to a camera opened my eyes to so many amazing and wonderful ideas. I grabbed my first 35mm camera and began to explore light & shutter speed, as I focused on mostly nature and rustic images while trying to grasp the intricacies of photography. As I continued to take a more advanced look at light, film, shutter speed, and depth of field (dof), my images became more and more recognized for their impact. This lead to having images published and also sharing my knowledge and training with other photographers.

In my early twenties, I worked for a major glamour studio in Atlanta and began putting my knowledge to work. It lead to being named one of the top photographers in the region, and subsequently, it moved me up the ladder of success. Continuing to develop my skills, I became fascinated with posing people really getting the most out of family portraits. As cameras evolved into the digital format, I took on the new digital world expecting to find something more exciting, and I wasn’t disappointed. I continued to study my new camera bodies and began experimenting with shooting sports and action photography.  My experimentation led to me becoming a 10k and Marathon race photographer. Realizing most people are displeased with how other photographers make them look when they run, I worked with other professionals to understand the art of movement. I incorporated this knowledge into my own body of work.

Today, I work with kids, families, pets, sports' races, events, birthday parties, weddings, and engagement photography. I even enjoy food photography. I continue to share my passion for photography with everyone I encounter. I look forward to capturing your special moment!

More about the guy behind the camera...
Where - I am based in the Metro Atlanta Area, but will travel anywhere to capture your moments. I often travel to Oklahoma and Florida as I visit friends and family.

Coffee Please - I love my Starbucks! Summer favorite: Iced Grande Hazelnut Macchiato substitute Toffee Nut for the Vanilla Winter favorite: Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte

Sushi - I have never had a roll I did not like. I thoroughly enjoy the textures, flavors and presentation excites me!

Heartland of America - I was raised in Oklahoma, the home town of Phillips Petroleum (Phillips 66). I've lived in Georgia since 1989!

Play Ball! - I have a unique addiction. I love baseball. My favorite park hands down is Boston's Fenway Park!

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